BAe 146 / Avro RJ


This is definitely missing from IF. The Bae146 is used by the RAF for VIP flights, as a business jet, TNT, CityLink, Swiss and various others. Itโ€™s a regional/short haul aircraft and something that IF could benefit from with global incoming!! Drop your votes here and have fun flying this little bad boy around the skies.

BAe 146/Avro RJ[86]
Variant -100/RJ70 -200/RJ85 -300/RJ100
Crew 2
Seats 70-82 85-100 100-112
Cabin width 3.42 m (11.2 ft)
Length 26.19 m (85.9 ft) 28.55 m (93.7 ft) 31 m (102 ft)
Span 26.34 m (86.4 ft)
Height 8.61 m (28.2 ft)
Area 77.3 m (254 ft)
Aspect ratio 8.98
MTOW 38,101 kg (84,000 lb) 42,184 kg (93,000 lb) 44,225 kg (97,500 lb)
MLW 37,875 kg (83,500 lb) 38,555 kg (85,000 lb) 40,142 kg (88,500 lb)
OEW 23,820 kg (52,510 lb) 24,600 kg (54,230 lb) 25,640 kg (56,530 lb)
MZFW 32,432 kg (71,500 lb) 35,833 kg (79,000 lb) 37,421 kg (82,500 lb)
Fuel capacity 11,728 L (3,098 US gal), option : 12,901 L (3,408 US gal) [87]
Turbofans (4ร—) BAe 146 : Lycoming ALF 502R-5, Avro RJ : Honeywell LF 507-1F
Thrust 6,990 lbf (31.1 kN)
Maximum speed Mach 0.739 (426 kn; 789 km/h)
Cruise speed Mach 0.7 (404 kn; 747 km/h)
Ceiling 35,000 ft (11,000 m)
Range 82 pax: 3,870 km (2,090 nmi) 100 pax: 3,650 km (1,970 nmi) 100 pax: 3,340 km (1,800 nmi)
Take off (SL, ISA) 1,195 m (3,921 ft) 1,390 m (4,560 ft) 1,535 m (5,036 ft)
Landing (SL, ISA) 1,180 m (3,870 ft) 1,190 m (3,900 ft) 1,270 m (4,170 ft)
Fuel consumption
(FL 310)[87] 425kn : 2,468 kg (5,441 lb)/h
361kn : 1,594 kg (3,514 lb)/h 423kn : 2,483 kg (5,474 lb)/h
361kn : 1,672 kg (3,686 lb)/h 429kn : 2,517 kg (5,549 lb)/h
377kn : 1,724 kg (3,801 lb)/h
Credit: Wiki

BAe 146 Series
Avro RJ Family
Avro RJ series
Mt Cook Airlines BAE 146
Avro RJ-146 {remade}

this will be good for British airways for EGLC


Wonโ€™t the other 145 Baeโ€™s get jelly? xD


I realy like this plane, I like the most the TNT.

Below are some pictures of this type.
<-- Air France<imgsrc="/uploads/default/original/3X/5/b/5b36324fcecf19225f510bc186f47f5e18e54475.jpg" width=โ€œ690โ€ height=โ€œ459โ€><imgsrc="/uploads/default/original/3X/a/e/aeb3b475954b9f5d8f9240a9459c3cd00c99b0ff.jpg" width=โ€œ347โ€ height=โ€œ232โ€>




Brussels Airlines


Give it a vote!! Haha


I want this plane after the CRJ family!!!


Only way is it vote guys!!


That Spoiler are realy nice!!! :)


Try to keep it down to one photo for this topic, thanks!


Iโ€™ve only posted one photo? Or are you talking about the other posts? I thought the original was only 1 photo and subsequent posts were allowed however many they want?


You are allowed to put various photos into a collage as long as the final product promptly results in a single individual image being published on the specific #features topic in question.


Well put together feature request, love all the facts, specs and stats!


The guy above my post posted a lot of pics.


Yeah, actually, the Belgian livery you have shown is the SN Brussels airlines variant, it is the predecessor of Brussels airlines (when buyed by virgin I think) and before SN Brussels airlines was SABENA, so choose a good one, the SN is ugly but would make a great VA, the actual Brussels airlines is nice and the SABENA one is sexy


I believe that the main reason for only one pic allowed is that pictures uses large amount of space on the Discourse servers. Space costs money.

On the other hand, I understand why users want to post more pictures. More photos showing the aircraft in different liveries and from different angles = more votes

Anyway, Well written and nice request @Mags885 ๐Ÿ˜Š

Fun fact about the BAe/Avro: They have no thrust reversers. Only spoilers, air brakes and wheel brakes.

Just my 0,02 cents


Thanks very much, just hope it gets added eventually!! ๐Ÿ˜Š


I like it. Itโ€™s a cool looking aircraft. Almost like a baby Globemaster. ๐Ÿ˜


They donโ€™t operate it anymore, it was replaced by the ERJ


Compared to normal wing spoilers these airbrakes aft in the aircraft are very efficient and it gives you a very distinct feeling and you really feel when the aircraft is braking ;)


I hope this gets added. It would add a little variety to the twin engines we all see on IF. I would love to fly it into ELGC and other small fields.