BAe 146 / Avro RJ LAMIA

The British Aerospace 146 (BAe 146) is a regional aircraft manufactured in the UK by British Aerospace, now part of BAE Systems. It was produced for 19 years, between 1983 and 2002, having built 387 units, establishing itself as the most successful British civilian jet.


registration CP-2933. The model measures 28.55 meters from nose to tail, has wings width of 26.4 meters and height of 8.61 meters, comes equipped with four Honeywell LF 507 engines, has a range of three thousand kilometers and capacity for up to 112 passengers and nine crew.

This aircraft for regional flights, especially with Lamia’s painting, should gain prominence and enter the agenda to be developed, we have many pieces of equipment that are most in demand, such as the E-Jets class. This aircraft had a great history in aviation all over the world. I count on your vote!

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Im afraid this is a duplicate

The request is from the Lamia variant.

Whats the diffrence?

Look at the image and you will see.

The livery?

Negative sir, the equipment as a whole, it was a charter flight

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I count on your vote.

Don’t apologise - how is this not a duplicate? Haha

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I believe so, as of 2016 LaMia flew just 2 of RJ85 - which is included in my original request 🤷🏻🙈😂

ah I see im so confused

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