BadPlane's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hey guys, I want to become IFATC so I’m going to start my training. I’m open at KATL, feel free to stop by.


It is though.

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I would start on ground and tower until your are actually a part of IFATC as you need to work your way up from ground/tower positions to “radar” which is approach, departure and centre/radar.


Ok, where should I open?

I’ll do KATL, drop by if you can

Use correction section if you make mistake.

Ok, thanks

@BadPlane I’m going to be coming in a Delta A321 from KMSY, Callsign is Delta 362

Rgr mate, all are welcome

I just flew for you in the fighter. Here is some feedback.

Good handling of outbound traffic
Transition altitude of 9000 feet is many miles above Tower’s airspace, so is incorrect. Check the Transition Altitude tutorial
I’ll call your base is NOT needed. It has a different function.
Don’t unable runway changes, but try to deal with it. Last second runway changes can be declined of course (shouldn’t even be requested)
Good: pattern entry instruction to new runway, 28.
No pattern entry needed for 28; I was already for 28
Don’t forget your sequencing. If you would have sequenced me behind the aircraft on final for 28, you would not have to send me around.
Decision to go-around was in itself good though

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Thanks for the feedback

Hey, you didn’t do well, but it’s your first time. You will improve on.

  • There is no need to give right/left downwind after they been told to make right/left traffic in takeoff clearnace.

  • No need to say you wll call my base or turn base. Those are unnecessary unless to make space for departure.

  • You told me turn left downwind twice which is unnecssary.

  • If they doing right traffic, there is no need to tell them after the option, make right traffic because they are doing right traffic unless you need them to do left.

  • Transition was bad that the airspace is outside of 3,500ft. You need to clear me at 2,500ft AGL. And you told me to descend to pattern altitude after I did the transition???

  • You didn’t do sequencing, sequencing is important in ATC.

  • Why saying Unable to Exerjet after he requested to change the runway? You send entry pattern and sequence number 2 to follow the traffic on final which I am on Final.

  • You need to be aware of the aircraft is going to do full stop without you knowing it. You gave me exit command too late. It’s should be around 60 GS kt.

Watch some ATC tutorials provided by Tyler Shelton and read up some tutorials by going to #tutorials:atc


Ok, sorry. I’ll watch some and get better. Thanks for the help

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Don’t control these busy airport, they make a bad influence on your performance, try a regoinal or less busy airport.

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Ok, I’ll open the home airport of KAUS

Wanna do done patterns @Gabe_Z

No thank, I’m preparing for a practical test soon.

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Ok, @Suhas or @snoman wanna stop by home on training

Ooh hopefully I can be there in like 45 mins!

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I’ll be waiting

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