I’m trying to earn badges but the two I have problems is the “reader” and “first share” can anyone help or tell what I’m doing wrong I have tried every tactic but nothing is working.

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To earn reader you must read every reply in a topic with other 100 replies. To earn first share you must share a post. Just start reading topics on the forum and contributing and you’ll earn badges without meaning to :)


I tried reader I read 100 replies in a topic and how do I share ?

Maybe the system takes some time to award badges

Share a topic link via email, gmail, or facebook

I tried that


Click/Tap that and share it via social media! (I think).

Then maybe what @CJ12 said :)

You can “share” a post by pressing the date / time in the top right corner of your post. It will pop-up a window with a link. Post that link somewhere and wait until someone presses it.

Alternatively, you could use @Godzilla_Gamer’s method.

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all of you guys are so helpful I really appreciate all of your work

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Here’s the definition:
“This badge is granted the first time you share a link to a reply or topic using the share button.”
If you click on a badge it will give you the details on how you can earn it

I shared this post and nothing happened

I haven’t gotten this badge either, let me try now :)

anything yet

Just shared. Nothing yet

I don’t think it means social media, I shared other topics in a comment on the forum and I earned the badge.

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tell me what I must do

I would recommend just adding good content instead of finding ways to earn badges.


how does anyone know how to invite someone