Badges question

Earlier today I earned the empathetic badge.

As you can see I have only gotten 439 likes yet I have given out 1.6K likes. Why did I get this badge if I have not received 500 likes? The badge says you earn it when you have 500 liked posts. Well obviously I do not because I only have 439 likes received.


Don’t quote me on this but I believe it counts hearts that other people have to you, but then removed. There should be people more experienced than me here.

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As far as I’m aware, likes in a PM dont count towards all your liked posts, but maybe it does for the badge?

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No the badge says otherwise.

Maybe. Could a moderator or a staff member say why I have gotten this badge?

I think what it means is that you liked 500 posts and you have liked 1000+ posts

I’m not exactly sure if this is correct.

I believe it is either that or if I have 500 replies that have been like and I have given 1000+ likes. That is why I am asking for clarification from a moderator/ staff member.

You might have received likes in PMs which don’t show in your public profile.

It means you have 500 posts that you have received at least one like on, while you have also liked 1,000 posts.

Not exactly sure what’s going on here.

I’m 99.9% certain likes (and posts) don’t count towards your stats.

Also along with that I have created 31 topics but my profile only shows I have created 28.

A moderator should be able to help you out with this. Moderators can see the exact amount of likes given and received, including those in PMs.

For example:

Admin Dashboard:


Public Profile:


You can see that the likes received and given in the admin dashboard is different from the ones in the public profile.

PS: This is from another forum I moderate.

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Ok but how would I access that?

A @moderators has to help you check that. You can’t access it.

Alright I will PM them.

The reason is what was stated above. Sometimes you may like something that ends up removed or unlisted. The numbers are correct as an “all time” for badging purposes where as the numbers you see may be active topics only.


Ok thank you. Is there a reason though that my topic number is not updated same with the likes that I have received?

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Like they have said before the numbers you see in public are visible ones. You could have had posts deleted or a topic closed that still counted towards the badges. Your admin stats will show all and that is what the badges go off of.

The morale of the story is to not worry about it. It is just how discourse does things and congrats on your badge.


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