Badges Missing!

I have recently read through a 123 post long topic, invited 3 people to join the community and shared a post 3 times!
However I have not recieved a “First Share”,“Reader”, or “Campaigner” badge yet!
Does anybody know why?
Thanks you all!
P.s I definitely took my time reading the topic, I have double checked My “Shares” have been put on Twitter, Facebook E.t.c.
The invited members have also gone as far setting a password and visiting topics!

Might be lagging (Software/coding?). I remember reading a topic a long time ago about someone having a similar problem but that might have been elsewhere.

The point of the forum is to chat/share IF related topics, not to gain badges, likes, accomplishments, status points, etc.

This should be in the bugs section.

Best, Boeing707

I shall wait!
Also I try to contribute to this community in order to help people as much as I can, I was just wondering :smile:
P.s I will put it in the bugs section now, I just wasn’t sure if it was actually a bug or something to do with me personally😉
Thanks again for your help!

This may have happened to me before. I’m kind of shady about the whole badge thing. Sometimes I receive a badge instantly, sometimes it comes in a few days later. Probably a Discourse server thing.

I am the same…I get most instantly but some, like these, take a while!

I don’t think it’s a bug though. Can’t expect the badge system to be perfect really. Tell us if you ever get those badges or in a few days again if you don’t.

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I will do!

Yeah don’t think of it too much, as I read through all of “Group Flights” post, but hadn’t received anything. Also, I had received badges for things that I had not even done (i.e. sharing the post)

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Could sharing the post include putting the link of the post in another topic?

I don’t think so… I thought sharing was physically going and pressing share on the end of the page

Plus I’ve never shared a link to another post. I think it’s just messing up at times

That’s strange… It says you got the badge for sharing one of Max Mustang’s posts “Incident Report at TAPA” or something like that but it doesn’t show you liking it or even commenting on it. Oh well, free badge haha

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yeah I think I read it, but hadn’t interacted with it… lol