Badge not achieved?

Sorry if I’m being needy but when I look at my profile it says I have liked more than 1,000 posts and received more than 500 which makes me achieve the badge: empathetic. Look at my profile for proof

It can take a little while to update and actually present you with the badge. I’m guessing you just reached the requirements today? You should be receiving it very soon.

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Ok thanks! And yes I checked today on my profile.

Hey I’m sorry to bother you but I never got the badge yet

It could be that you still don’t meet the requirements. You must “have 500 liked posts.” You have 570 likes, but they may not all be for separate posts. For example, you have 26 likes on one topic and 18 on another which already disqualifies a handful of those original 570 since those are topics, not posts. You’ll need 500 of your posts to at least have one like on each to get the badge.


Oh ok thanks for clarification!

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