Badge Next to Real Life Pilots Usernames

I know that @PlaneCrazy talked about this idea a few years ago however, the topic has been closed since then. I think that it would be great if real life pilots on the forum had some type of badge next to their name. Personally, I am working towards my PPL and would love to see this feature added.


One problem I see with this is people aren’t always truthful.


I love this idea tbh. I have no problem with giving my name or anything since it’s all public records in the states. Verify and check


It would be a really cool feature but I agree with @Levet it would definitely be abused.
The only way around the abuse of the feature would be to have someone fact check/approve it but that would take away valuable staff time to be used for other things.


Verify and check. All pilots are in the FAA database. Simple search there name and there certs will show up

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Essentially, that will take away moderator time from other things.

I absolutely agree with @Levet and the others who commented. Those who actually hold any licenses or ratings could be verified as that information is public. The only problem is for verifying those who claim to be student pilots. The only idea I have at the moment is requiring a picture of their logbook (with all private intro blurred out.) If anyone has any other ideas on solutions I would love to here them!

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Student pilots have a plastic card just like certificated pilots but say student instead and are also in the FAA database

Would be nice but some people I’ve met lots don’t like to say the truth all the time

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This is a good idea. Pilot information is public record. If you’re a student pilot, no badge; just another incentive to pass your checkride.


Yes people aren’t always truthful, I could say I am a pilot for Qatar Airways A380 but I am not


People do lie anyone with a pilots licesne knows it’s public record. You can look my name up if you wanted! Pilots know how to catch people lieing

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Could require you to contact staff and submit a picture of you in the cockpit in uniform with information like your airline, what your type rating is and things like that.
Unless your a pilot you wouldn’t be able to get a picture like that. To make sure the picture isn’t of a random picture of the internet or a picture the person was able to get then they should have to hold a sheet of paper or something with there IFC username

As this is not true, it will not work I’m afraid.
If all pilots were in the database, yes we could probably look into it.

Yeah, folk are forgetting we aren’t all American haha


Incorrect. I could manage that quite easily being Aircrew but not a qualified pilot.

That sounds like a great idea, but we still need to come up with ideas on how to prove they are real pilots or that they are a student pilot. I liked the persons idea about having a photo of them in the cockpit, but the problem is that after a flight (or in my personal experience), you can ask to sit in the cockpit and get a photo. A solution to this is getting an actual photo of you flying while your ifc username is somewhere visible in the picture. This would be easy for real pilots and students, but non pilots either couldn’t get this photo or wouldn’t go that far out of their way to get it.

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All US pilots are in the FAA database


Seb means that not all pilots in the world are included in this database, so it wouldn’t help this cause.

I think if it were to happen, it should be limited to airline/charter/cargo/etc. pilots. Too many people would be requesting the badge just because they did 1 hour of training up in a C172