Badge Heart not filled in?

This is a question that isn’t really important to me but I was bored so I was wondering. Why are some badges not colored in. It says I earned it a while ago but its not orange link the other badges.



Not every badge is “orange” (Isn’t really orange). It is just the way it is :)


I think there’s is a bronze, a silver and a gold badge. Those without color are silver.


Ohhh I never knew that.


Indeed. @Marc is correct here. There is bronze, silver, and gold badges that you can unlock based on rating I believe.

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But licensed badge is silver (without color), how do we turn it gold


The licensed badge is supposed to be the colour below:


It is supposed to be silver as they are all colour coded in either bronze, silver, or gold.

If they’ve been completed, it won’t turn a different colour, it will just have a tick in the top left corner.

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So you can’t really change a badge color?

I think now that after almost a year on the forum I know that we have a badge ranking system that some badges mean more than others and are harder to get.

I see. (I’d like the post instead of posting this, but I’m out of likes.)

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Think of the badge colors as “levels of difficulty” in obtaining them.

  • Bronze: “Easy” to obtain.
  • Sliver: Slightly harder than bronze (“medium difficulty”).
  • Gold: “Really hard” to obtain and requires dedication to the community/other long term factors.

Thats what I was think as I only have one gold badge but a lot of orange or “bronze” badges.

Here, look. To achieve Gold, you have to reach higher goals than Silver. And the goals for Silver are higher than for Bronze.