Bad weather

Is there a way ATC can tell pilots if they are going to expect bad weather when coming into landing and when we might expect bad crosswinds or sudden weather change would be a cool feature 😊

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You can check the METAR of the airport you’re approaching and/or the ATIS.


That’s true tho but weather changes so quickly and it probably gets updated on the airports every 30mins

Yeah when you approach an airport you can see when you tap onto it you shall see the D-ATIS that is basically atis but you have to read it no one saying it out loud :)

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That’s true tho but I mean it would be nice if ATC can inform people because some times people don’t read it for more realism

Unfortunately that’s unpredictable also in real life and pilots rely on METAR, TAF and ATIS

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What you are now talking about is #features

I know ATC now has weather data at the airport that updates them in a quicker time.

ATC gives a wind check IRL. Implementing that would just clutter the frequency and make ATC audio delay worse.

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