Bad weather spotting!

Cargolux retro livery arriving from Luxembourg as CV2433!

Before editing

Air new Zealand Airbus A320 with all blacks livery arriving from Cairns for a class C maintenance check!



We need the all black livery on the a320 in IF T_T


Amazing pictures 😍 I love the NZ all black liveries, they look amazing!!

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Wonderful photos! What camera do you use?

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Thanks! I use Sony A290 DSLR

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Thank you!’

WOW. That editing is wayyyyy to good. Amazing photos, I now aspire to edit like you.

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Thanks! But these save edit are kinda hard tho but its possible

Excellent editing mate ! I appreciate the great work you did!

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Super nice shots Bong! Always looking forward to your next catch and some great rescues from that selection! Love them!

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Thank you!!

Thank you!! (10 characters)

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Indeed lol 😁

Not bad! Especially for a cloudy day! Great Job! 👍

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Thanks a lot!!

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