Bad Weather Spotting // KORD // Oct 26th 2020

Today I went to the beautiful, cold, and snowy Chicago O’Hare. Yes this may not sound like such a good day, but it turned out to be pretty good. I went in with an open mind as snow fell on the drive there. My first few pictures it was snowing with low clouds and my last half are just cloudy because it started to get nicer. I saw maybe 5 or 6 planes/liveries I’ve never seen in person before so enjoy!!!

Korean Air Cargo bursting through the clouds from ANC

American A321 in the fog from Philly

A loud Emirates 77W from DXB

A blank Atlas Air 767 from AMS

Another strange Atlas plane with no tail paint from ANC

BANANAAA BUS from Denver

Volaris A320 from somewhere

AA E175 from El Paso getting blown around by the wind

Skywest CRJ-200 from PAH

American 737-8 comin from DCA

And the big boy Cargolux roarin into 28C

Today I tried some new angles… if you liked them please let me know. I know that the photos may not be the best, but again it was bad weather. I hope you enjoyed and reply with your favorite picture! @mkwiecek you might enjoy this one but not too sure haha


Those pics are AMAZING!

I love the last one!

Didn’t expect any less of you :)

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Thanks mate!! Much appreciated! :)

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I’m very disappointed in you mate. No Aer Lingus 😡

None the less, I will still drop a like because they are some spectacular shots mate 😄 loved the CRJ200 in particular! I like the new angles 😋

Haha thank you!! I missed the Aer Lingus by an hour 😤😭


BANANNA BUS from Denver

Hahaha, LOL a Banana Bus.

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Banana bus im dying🤣

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YES the one and only! 🍌

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Now for the question…

  • Go spotting at MDW (close up shots)
  • Part 2 of this topic
  • Go back to ORD

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