Bad user- needs reporting

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Hi, even if it was on expert, unless it’s deliberate and clear trolling or offensive callsign/display name there won’t be a retroactive report issued

It was very deliberate

Are you flying in the beta version? If yes his display name would be his IFC name and you can contact him.

It isn’t really trolling, just impatience, which, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t retroactively reportable

No I am not

Um, there is a Captain_J on IFC…

I can’t find captain_J

@Captain_J maybe?

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How about we not publicly shame a user and insist on them being reported, because I can almost guarantee you it was an accident.

“He needs to be reported now.” should never be said here… the IFC is a place where we can learn, and be respectful towards each other.

Sometimes learning to let it roll off your back is better than coming to the IFC to publicly shame someone :)


I don’t really understand how you can guarantee that.

But yeah, IFC is not the place for this. If it was on expert it needs to be witnessed by a controller at the time, retrospective sanctions are not given. And on other servers, there are no sanctions anyway.


What aircraft where you flying exactly? Given open beta right now, it is possible to miss the presence of a plane near you.

Yes, there is an issue where some aircraft don’t show up to you.

It’s not really a bug… IF can’t download liveries from a dofferent version that’s all

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homie was not having it today

It wasn’t beta

But you can’t ensure that he was not on the beta… he could have been and may not have seen you 🤷‍♂️

Yea fax tho

I suppose that could be possible