BAD training server ATCs

I need some help with bad Atcs.
I was on final KLAX 25R and the ATc says Go around for no reason. The runway was clear and everyone was holding short.

The other time I was taxiing and they said CLIMB AND MAINTAIN FL330!

Should I listen to them or not!? HELP!

It’s training server… I would just divert to a ear by airport if it is that bad…

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And on the climb and maintain FL 330 just ignore them.

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Thanks. But what about when I was on ground?

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Hello, since it is training server you will get people that are either learning, trolling or don’t know what they are doing.

I would personally avoid big internationals airports like KLAX and EGLL etc. on the Training Server.

Keep in mind they could just be training and might not have the knowledge that Expert Server IFATC have.


Thanks @Declan

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