Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


Ok, I’ll try


Here, I zoomed in, and I took all of the excess equipment out


could you take out the glare on these and on the Virgin Atlantic A340 could you increase the brightness I have no clue how it got that dark there was no cloud at the time that is all I ask for thanks


I will try to do it once I get to cruise altitude


Do you want me to zoom in on the plane or no?


Surprise me with your edits.

Anything that you like


Hmmmm like what?


just edit it the way you usually d


Tell me if you want it to be darker or anything



Could you remove the window reflection and make it more lively? Thanks :D

Also it looks really bad in IFC but the photo quality originally is quite high.


Ok, I’ll try


Thank you :)


Not bad, seems bright enough

I’ll scroll through my archive of photos to see if i have more.
I got like 4,000 photos :D


And I think that 1,000 is a lot


lol when I take pictures, I get continuos shots to maximize the chances of a great photo.


Is that ATL? All of these planes fly there every day


@A350iscool can you scroll up a few posts to my photo of Florida One and try to make it a bit less blurry?


Hey can anyone fix this



What specifically do you want fixed?


Maybe remove that guys feet and unfog the window or remove one of the bars on the window