Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


Pick your favourite one:
image image image image image


Any hope to make this a bit better? @Pro_FS


Wow,thank you,it looks amazing!


No problem! (=


Great shot. What do you mean by making it better? Filters, colours, light, grain? Thanks (=


Yeah just touch it up a bit thanks :)


Here you go!


Thank you!!

can you make the reflections and the haze go away?


Can you isolate the propellers so they kind look still?


Could you remove the light reflections, the hand rails and anything else you think needs fixing? Thanks @Pro_FS!


Can you add smoke to that blue angel?


Probably not much you can do with this but anything would help



Could you make this photo a bit less blurry?


I will do it


image image

Let me know if those look good.


Looks good thanks!


I fixed the first one a little bit



Heyo, I have a pretty bad photo that might just be unfixable, but I’m not sure.


Do you want the a330 to be zoomed in more?



Yes, please, but not really to the point to where the photo loses focus on the BA Golden Dove.