Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


Wow Thanks!




Thanks, it is blurry because of my phone’s horrible camera, but the sunrise in the background seems to be better now.


This picture was on the road to be my best ever, however I didnt move the camera fast enough and the APU got cut off. If possible, could someone photoshop this picture so that the entire aircraft is in it?


Hey, I editing your photo so the tail is in the photo. Also, by your request, I interpreted it as ‘put an APU on this aircraft that is lacking part of an APU’ so I basically drew on an APU and blended it together with the rest of the plane (it’s obvious when zooming in, subtle when zoomed out). if you don’t want that, let me know. I cropped out your watermark to work with the plane, so you’ll need to re-add it.


I love it, thanks so much!


Good luck :)


Can you make this 1080p


Eh… not much I can do… I’ve reversed image searched it. Here is the original one (higher quality)


Thanks, @Pro_FS. I know it’s hard


Um. It wasn’t. I just tracked down the original photo.


Ok, cool, I tried to get it off google and it was crap


Are u guys able to edit the fence away and get more colour in the shot? Greetings from Germany! :)


Hmm… It’s seems too far gone );


Hello Everybody,

I tried night spotting and it gave this.
This should be a clear and centered photo but I just need someone with an editing software to make it bright enough and add light so that I can see the plane better. Thank You!


Sorry mate, the photo is far too dark, especially since JPEGs don’t save as much information as raw files. I tried pulling it +4 stops in Photoshop, but ended up with a noisy mess here:

If you’d take a look at the original histogram, you’ll see how the image is basically nearly totally black and there’s nothing underneath.



Yep… sorry about that /=


@Pro_FS is it possible for you to try and remove the pole at the nose?


I think it looks pretty nice (=


Can you make it:
More sharp
Take away the reflection of the light?