Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


Had a go at the WestJet, but after editing, there is so much edited that it looks like a badly rendered android app…


Can somebody fix the exposure?



Thanks! Looks a lot better.


I had a go as well


It would be great if you could fix up the spots where you can see the fence (everywhere). I couldn’t get up to the fence because there was a ton of snow beside it but I’m hoping that maybe you can salvage the shot. :)


Will it be possible to remove the reflections in this photo? Also could someone please alter the exposure here. Thanks in advance!


There’s not much to work with, not much I can do… sorry


There’s not much to work with, not much I can do… sorry About that


In N Out???


It sure is 👍🏻


I know, it will be hard. It’s pretty obvious what I’d like removed

If it’s not possible, PM me :)


I like how the first one almost looks like a shot from the 80s 👍🏻


Got the fix now. Do you want it pm’d to you? Or do u want it on this forum? =D


Hi. Can I just ask what software you are using? Thanks
– Jakub


Photoshop. Finally figured out how to get the native resolution (=


Can you make the engine and wing brighter?


I can get it on the forum :)