Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


Applied a filter, (imo looks good, but can be replaced). Cropped too. (@Pro_FS hope you don’t mind me doing this one.)


Hi! Can you make these two picture much more strong and vibrant? Thanks!


Sure! In the description, it says I’d love for people to help out (;


Nah mate, not much I can do here. Sorry.


Sounds good!


thanks alot!



image image


that’s exactly what i wanted… Thanks so much dude!


Thank you mate!!


Anyone else?


Btw I don’t mind if anyone wants to help out with fixing photos for people in other time zones (=


can you get rid of the window reflection on these photos


I wouldn’t worry about the reflections. They’re barely noticeable.

i can edit them a bit though.


Here you go, edited in Lightroom. Might be a bit overexposed and have too much contrast, but I personally like the way that they turned out.

Click for full res.

Anyone got any new requests?


Wow, I always wanted to learn photo edition and make some nice pictures or designs.


I’d like this pole edited out, please. It’s covering the engine. @Pro_FS @GaplessHiding


Hope it helps (;



P E R F E C T . Thanks! Is there a way that I could get it in a higher resolution? (Sorry if I’m sounding picky)


Sorry, not much I can do there, photoshop decreases the quality.


Okay, thank you, though.