Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


Thanks mate!


Thx mate looks gr8


If someone can make it less blurry that will be great!


Is there anyway of making it a bit brighter?

Thanks Charlie


I will be doing any that need to be done. I will release them all at once ( =


could you fix my pic please ?
Thank you


I sent it to you.


Knock yourselves out with this, i’d like to see what you’v got!


surprisingly, @Moritz never posted here…


Because he takes good pictures to start…


Could someone try to make the livery show up a bit more on these? Sadly the sun got in the way and made the plane appear black.
Camera is an IPhone XR if it helps


i just delete bad pics because I probably have a good one as well, but if you want I can get you some half 747 and ask you to photoshop the rest in 😉


Oh, no! Not that El Al one, please!


You think you got what it takes? 😂

Edit: @Pro_FS & @Trystan_Dupre Is it even possible to fix this?


Damn that’s a nice photo. I love the air China 777W. Or just the 77W in general. LONG LIVE THE GE90!


If any of you need help, contact me :) here is one of mine (don’t need any tips ahaha)


here you go!


I will try my best!


Hey👋🏻Can You Do This One For Me???


There you go, took me about 20 min, enjoy!