Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


Could you do:
1, 9, and 4, please?


Ill do give me a couple of minutes. :)


Hey when do you think my photos will be down it has been like a week it doesn’t matter just take your time I am just wondering


Sorry, on holidays at the moment, I’ll do it now ( =


Oh you don’t have to @A350iscool has them thank you though


Hey is anybody gonna do my photos (don’t mean to be rude)


Sorry I forgot! 😬 ill start now.




Have fun with this…


Hey, I did the first one. I’m gonna do the second one now.image


I’m gonna do the second one in like 15 min, because I gotta do a little bit of homework right now



If you need me to do anything to it, just tag or pm me


Hey @A350iscool can you do mine


I’ll try. It’s probably won’t work out though. Awww just as my phone dies… I had 18 more hours to go


Sorry, I can’t do it.


I don’t know if anybody did it, so here




Do you also want the top of that removed too?


If you can, I’d appreciate it.