Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!


I will try


I messed up on yours, I am trying to fix it now


I’m gonna have to restart. This will take a LONG time


Thank you!


No I just want the glare gone and on the a240 I just want it brightened


Sorry about that :(


image image

Tell me if you want anything else done with it


About what?


The nose is messed up a little :/


Hard picture


Ok I’ll fix it


@A350iscool those aren’t mine


I think I tagged the wrong person


I’m gonna have to work on it when I have more time. The nose looks a little off, so I’m gonna fix it more. I’m sorry


Its okay, if it’s free then it can take as much time as possible :D


WOAH! Had a holiday and we have a backlog! =D



Could you please:

Make the reflection stronger and make the photo sharper?

Make the reflection stronger, sharpen it and straighten it?

Make this one sharper and add contrast?

Make this one sharper, add contrast and crop/rotate it?

Add color, contrast and make this one sharper? (beacon shot :)

Add color, contrast and make this one sharper?

Add color, contrast and make this one sharper?

Make the plane much more visible?


Un-Blur this one, crop/rotate it, make the plane more visible and try to add color.

Thank you so much!
(I’m sorry, I had a lot)


I want to do a couple of them not all, your choice which. @robertine


Gonna do that again bec sorta screwed up b4


If u can pls just make them look less crappy it wld be gr8!