Bad Spotting Pictures? We can fix them!

Post your bad spotting pictures here and I’ll try me best to fix them

I won’t be the only person editing, feel free to edit other people’s photos yourself if you want to, just make sure you leave a comment saying “I’ll do it” or something.

Tell me what you want done and I will try and do it.

I can’t do things like making 1080p photos 4K, or making blurry photos be cristal clear, but I can do things like removing reflections, dirt, fingers, objects or people.

This is intended for Real World Photos. Have fun, and happy flying!

Btw, It’s free


Great Idea! I think people will love it.

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Thanks! =D

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Great idea! I’m with ya on that one!

I’m always open to edit and improve pics

I think people who are editing the photos can leave feedback after returning the photos

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That topic seems to be based on IF pictures (since it’s in general and it is mostly IF pics on it). This is for Real World Photos.

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Right now, hoping there will be more posts in a day or so.

Everything seems duplicate, let people to interpretate what they want with freedom, please!

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Don’t worry @anon45851224, @Delta319 was just interpreting what he felt about it, I’m toatally find with that. (=

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Can you do this one please


I won’t be able to add the nose or anything, but I can straighten it out and enhance it.

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Yeah that’s what I was hoping for


Got a lot of work to do, but I might just be able to do this d=



Wouldn’t this topic be better suited for #real-world-aviation:spotting?

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Ok take your time. I don’t care what you do to it.


I know you can’t do anything about the terrible focus but can you remove the red spot


this please it’s very blurry up close


Just to save face, this point was echoed on the Photoshop thread… Please do not request to have your image made high quality… If you have a low quality, blurry picture, sure a bit of sharpening and enhancing can be done, maybe even Upscaled if you have the tools, but a low quality image can never just be made high quality like it’s nothing.

Just saying 🙃


This one?


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So, it may not look as good as in real life, don’t expect 4K XD

I don’t I just was wanting the reflection to go away