Bad scenery

My iPad is still and frequently going really blurry, the airports disappear when this happens so I can’t wven land the plane this is especially annoying when I have been doing a 13 hour flight. This has been happening since global came out and nothing has improved since.

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Do you have your graphics set to high?

Have you cleared your scenery cache?
You can do this in settings of Infinite Flight > General

Also, what iPad do you have? The older ones have a harder time to process things. Turning the anti aliasing mat help with performance

Hope this helps!

Thank you for contacting support

Can you post some pictures of your scenery so we can better assist you

In the meanwhile can you ensure every time before you start a flight your device is restarted.

Also can we know your device model, OS and how much storage space you have left?

Two things that might cause this:

  1. Really low on storage. It’s recommended that you have at least 1GB of storage available.
  2. Poor or extremely slow internet connection. The terrain streaming does not require a high speed connection, but if you have a speed equivalent of what was current 1994 you might experience issues :)

Yes the graphics is set on high

The device is an iPad Pro 12.9 inch I am on the latest iOS update and I have restarted my iPad meany time before but still does this

What region are you in some regions are from bad graphics.

I have more than enough storage I have full bars of WiFi but is slow

How slow are we talking about? Can you download the app “Speedtest” or visit their site and report the results back to us?

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Any region I have just done a flight from Heathrow to Doha which was fine but I stopped over in Doha and then took off to Colombo and about 10 minutes Into the flight it went really blurry but normally I can see the blur in the distance but the scenery loads but a lot of the time it dose my it happend this morning as well which was another long flight so this is really annoying because I have to start the flight again

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Alright guys, @schyllberg is eveidently handling this one… Perhaps let him do it?

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The WiFi is really slow 1meg

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But it has never been this bad before this is now happening almost every day

Well, i’d say you have your problem right there.
I haven’t tried myself at such low speeds… but i have been experiencing issues at slightly higher speeds (3mbit/s).

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Does this mean that I cannot fly on infinte flight anymore

Try lowering the graphics :)

Did something change about your router?

I have tried that and nothing changes.

You have brought this up before to be honest.

I’d say your best shot is to lower the graphics, that way the stream will be slightly smaller and might improve your experience.