Bad response while controlling in Training Server Airspace

Hi, lately whenever i am trying to control any popular airport such as EGLL or KLAX i have noticed that the users in the training serverd not respond to atc commands. Not at all. INstead they tend to do the contrary. For example at EGLL, when an aircraft asks to land at runway 9L whereas the airport is using 27L and 27R they simply ignore the message and go ahead with their own will. Takeoffs happen without clearance. Same for landings and runway crossings. The second most annoying problem is that most of the users in order to increase their landings(prolly) start conducting touch and go’s. Tis fine at first but gets annoying as the users don’t follow procedures such as contacting approach after conducting touch and go and taking clearance before repeating it. Another prevalent thing is that the aircraft perform touch and go and instead of flying in a circuit ad reattempting it, they simply turn 180 and fly over the airport and land at the opposite side or at the next runway. This is a huge problem for serious users and drains all the realism from the server and takes away the fun of flying in the training server.


This is why it is called the training server. It is par with the course.

Have you considered training for IFATC? Opening up a tracking thread for a less used airport attracts more professional users and the feedback can be very rewarding.



This is normal on TS server because some people don’t follow instructions from ATC.


If you want professional pilots join IFATC. I would recommend setting up an atc tracking thread.


well not following instructions is CASUAL SERVER!!!
TS deserves more professionalism

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Agree that this is poor performance by pilots on the TS, sadly not much you can do.

If you are serious about ATC then I would open up smaller airports away from the crowd. Pilots who turn up are more likely to take it serious. Especially if you open up a ATC tracking thread on the IFC then you will likely get some good feedback too.

Likewise if as a pilot on TS and you want to have a professional time, avoid the ‘hubs’ of LAX, LHR, JFK…

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