Bad pilot(s) at IF Live (Training Server)

Hello! I joined the community just to denounce this user:

I was controlling at KPSP Airport on Training Server 1. The user “IAKCRW01” appeared on a parking where you don’t need to request a pushback, the user requested permission for pushback, and I told him/her to taxi to runway 31L, him/her asked again for pushback, and I did the same, this user asked 4 times for pushback and I finally told him to check help pages and he/she said: “Thank you, good day!” And got disconnected.
1 minute later appeared on another parking, where you need to request pushback, the user asked me directly for taxi and I told him/her for pushback expecting runway 31L, after 2 more times asking for taxi, him/her started moving without permission, I told him/her to stop, but he/she didn’t. When the user arrived to the runway 31L, entered the runway without permission, I told him/her to leave the runway, but he/she took off without permission, later he/she was spamming me with messages such as: “Executing missed approach”, “Request frequency change” etc… multiple times.

With this also I want to denounce users that don’t follow the rules, I think I am a good controller, I really would like to control on Expert Server, but I have to control on Training Server, where much people don’t follow the rules. I can understand that people on grade 1 and no more than 5,000xp don’t know how to do, but people with +50,000xp don’t follow the rules because they know that controllers cannot ban them. Every time I control, I would ban 5-6 users because of unfollowing the rules several times or entering the runway and taking off without permission.

Thanks, Ismael C.


Expect that on training server as the punishment is not that severe.

Although I know that there are quite a number of misbehaving pilots, I do believe there are better reasons for joining this Community then to report pilots.

There are some good tips on how to report ‘nimrods’. We don’t normally spell their names out here in the Community.

As for this Community: lot’s of stuff to learn and great ways to contribute.

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@harraj_kaler is the one


This is normal from him. He is on Instagram and acts like a spoilt brat & complains every time he doesn’t get his own way. Ask most people on Instagram & they could give you the same answer.