Bad or good?

Hello. Recently I came upon an ad on Lithuanias used item shop. The ad was about an iPad Mini 64GB 5th generation. For 360 euros I want your guys’s opinion, is it good or bad?

The performance is definitely enough if not more than enough for IF. I won’t tell you to buy it, but I recommend it.

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I’d save a little more and go for the 6th gen personally


Assuming that’s the older generation with the home button, (exchange rates unknown) that’s almost as expensive as buying one brand new from Apple. I’d avoid. You can get newer devices refurbished for less

You could probably get a 6th gen for a similar price if you look around

The mini only currently goes up to 6th generation. Of course, the regular iPad goes higher.

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7th gen or 9th is good too

ofc, they’re newer :)

But they’re more expensive.

You can also try trading in your current device to get credit towards a newer one at apple

Well 😅 Don’t think that’s going to work especially that this is the tablet I use for charts and school work 😅😬

Samsung may always offer you a trade in if the tablet is still working. Could be worth considering your options first

Found a 7th gen 128gb with a magic folio keyboard and a apple pen for 395 euros. That’s a good deal right?

I think you’re rushing slightly. Take your time, go on the Apple Website. Look at all the current options, then go to a second hand shop like eBay or even Apple’s own second hand shop and look at the options there. Don’t spend money in things you don’t need and don’t waste money on things that aren’t good enough for what you need them for.

If you want a more direct answer, the iPad 7th Gen was released almost 4 years ago now, so I wouldn’t advise buying it.

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