Bad on ATC?

It was like this for about 30 minutes. There were like 7-10min between each arrival, but no departures I between. Also, if you were also in this, please say.

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Playground, correct?

Can’t fly on advanced yet, enough xp and standings, just not “grade 3”


Is this me being impatient or an ATC not knowing what he’s doing?🤔🤔🤔

Excuse me I have controlled tower at there for until few mins ago.
There were lot of departure and arrivals at KNUC, but I instructed incoming airplanes to do 360 or whatever method I could take to make traffic condition to be well. In fact I have denied entry for quite while.
If you want to fly quicker, everyone wants to, so please be patient and wait for instruction or clearance.


If you want to discuss please inform by reply to this message.

Your not suppose to space them that much. When I there is an arrival try to squeeze out departures on those few seconds your able too

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When I opened tower there were already much traffic going on. And I could clear for take-off, but if the aircraft took-off slowly even instructed immediate take-off whats gonna happen???
Please think about circumstances.


P.S. Even it’s in handy device I’m not thinking I can crush aircraft or even put into dangerous conditions.

Yeah I know I understand he immediate take off part but during arrivals like I said there are a few tricks you can do to squeeze a couple of aircraft for departure and not water any time either

You didn’t let anyone depart for like 30mjn and we were stuck because I could go park and wait it out, I had to sit right next to the runway for 30min and you said to the arriving aircraft that they couldn’t come, but you just directed them in and landed them.

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Guys, this is playground. This is KNUC. You will get lots of arrivals for a single runway airport. An advanced controller would space aircraft out to fit in some takeoffs. But hey: This is playground. you cannot expect a playground controller to do that, and what chance would they have anyway with uncooperating pilots?

Yes @Shuuichi_Furusawa still has a lot to learn, but I sympathize with him in this situation.


I guess you talking about while a Cessna blocking the runway. If that so don’t say that I need to explain everyone should know that if I allow to land or take-off, it’s going to be massive crash.

I saw two planes run into each other while landing when you were controlling anyway.

Yeah probably I could if I try it in a dengerous way, but anyway yes I am not advanced server yet. And please do not just put responsibility on me.

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Yes, you correct I am not advanced server controller yet and I do have a lot to learn.
Many thanks for your feedback.

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Yeah, there were but I think I instructed go around to the plane that coming in second, but didn’t followed

It was on the ground already and had hit the other plane by the time you sent that.

Take a less busy airport next time or one with multiple runways.