Bad luck?

So I was planning an adventure around the more popular airports in the Socal region. My FPL took me from KNUC-KLAX-KPSP-KSAN, and finally full stop at KLAX. After an hour and a half or so, I was on final approach to KLAX, I was literally 10NM out when my IF Live subscription expired and I was kicked from the session, making me lose 4 landings and 1.5hours of flight time’s worth of XP.

Just wanted to share this unfortunate incident. 😂

Anyone experienced a similar situation and would like to share?


Oh snap. That is very bad luck. but imagine if it was someone who had so many touch and goes and a lot XP


That’s so unfortunate! I’m sorry for that issue. I think this teach me to not fly in long flights when my live is about to expire


Right. But in all honesty I blame the TS1 controller on duty that gave me a 360 instruction (jk). Would’ve made it on the ground in the nick of time hadn’t it been for that. Well I guess I’ll be doing a few touch and goes to compensate for the XP lost from that flight. Haha


Oh damn… that must be terrible… but the timing tho!

Yes that’s what makes this experience more upsetting! I wouldn’t have really minded had it occured towards the beginning of my flight, but 10NM’s and 2minutes from my final landing, oh my. 😬😂


I was flying with my 777 I started doing t&g’s in the entire region where my aircraft isn’t restricted. I was going to end my session by doing a landing at KLAX after two and a half hours of flight time. Guess what, I stalled because I was going too slow (obviously you don’t want to go more than 150KIAS when landing) when there’s less than 5nm left. Pissed off. I don’t use A/P for my landings (speed), I don’t use APPR either. That’s unfortunate right there.

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Me. That happened to me. Read my previous reply lol :/

Maybe it’s attributed to you being tired. But you should improve your manual control and maintaining of your airspeed, it’s an important skill. I don’t use APPR or A/P when landing either. I usually go in at 140knots when landing my favourite aircraft, the 787-10!

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Yeah, I do land with 140KIAS or below. I was just too tired probably. I was just too low because I wasn’t using my glideslope. Too bad :(

Also full throttle didn’t worked because I was too low I was going to do a go around but yeah. Slammed the ground. Hard.

We all have these moments in IF. But well it’s these bad experiences that happen to become one of our best ones in the game. 😂

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Hahaha that’s a good point.

I feel that in this case your airspeed must be way below the desired landing speed, even in the case of doing a low approach, you shouldn’t slam into the ground at landing speed.

I was doing about 110kts and too low. I pulled up a little bit and that ended everything.

I’m not really sure about the 777, but if I were to do a 110 knots approach on my 787-10, I sure as hell would slam into the ground too.

They’re similar. You can expect the same performance from both of them :P

Well then in that case, you now know you shouldn’t be going a 110knots landing speed. 😂 We learn and improve from our mistakes. Though often times we see pilots landing way overspeed, rather than underspeed. I remember I used to land at like 180-220knots when I was inexperienced. Not to say I’m experienced now, but I do know more than I did back then. ☺

Like I said, I wasn’t checking my airspeed nor my glideslope. I do land super soft sometimes. As I’m approaching the threshold (white lines basically) I try to get 50FT AGL which makes a buttery smooth landing afterwards if you keep the nose up a little bit.

Haha yeah. It was fatigue from your 2 hour+ flight affecting the quality of your landing. I think you meant 50ft VS?