Bad livery/cockpit graphics

Hi IFC! Over the past few days, my livery and interior quality has not been good. I have my graphic settings to high, but am unsure why this is happening.

I’ve experienced this too, it is different each flight. Sometimes the quality is perfect, others I can’t read anything in the cockpit.

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Same with me

From the post

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Max for everything on my end

Me too. It’s so blurry and I’m confused why this is happening

Whoops. Sorry about that

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Set the render and the other quality setting to ‘high’

This is going to sound very easy and something a lot of people say but have you restarted the app? I’ve had issues similar where the quality isn’t as good and a restart fixes it. It usually occurs after ATC sessions. Haven’t ran into this issue for a few months though.

It is… they’ve always been to high

Yes I have

Anti aliasing on?
texture quality also on high?

You can also try restarting your device, restarting seems to solve most issues.

If none of those work, then that may be a device issue somehow.

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How busy is the airport? About have many aircraft.

It helps if you pick one plane and focus on that one. The settings are one thing but each plane can vary wildly. The cockpit of the 380 is nowhere going to be like the 777.

And also some more information like what device you are on will help.

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Not busy at all

I’m on the 737-800 and I can read the instruments but the livery is super blurry as well with the writing in the cockpit

Has your device, whatever it is, had this problem before?

No. It has never done this

How old is it and what type?

1 year old. 6th gen iPad