Bad habits

I saw the last one was closed almost a year ago with only a few views and replies so i will hope to get this one active with out getting closed.

My bad habits are:
-forgetting to turn off APU
-forgetting to use unicom
-sometimes forgetting to take off strobes and landing lights after TO

Whats urs?
So i assume we all have a problem with APU.


The one thing I keep forgetting

Turning on the APU after landing

But, sometimes I don’t forget to turn it on


Lol, I never turn off my APU …oops


Mine are:
-Forget to switch on Seat belt signs after starting the decent 😂
-to switch VNAV on
-APU off after start up
-landings lights on after start decent.
-Switch the frequency to none after take off.


I forget to turn it off after start up

So I won’t forget to turn it back on


  • forgot to switch APU off after pushback.
  • Activate APPR when I’m too high for the glideslope approach even on final approach towards rwy

Arming spoilers before landing

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Sometimes I have forgotten to turn the landing lights off above 10000ft


Why do we turn it on after landing tho👁👄👁

I use to do that ;-;

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Welp thats a first 😭

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Mine are
Forgetting APU after engine one is at 20% N1
Strobe Light
Landing lights after 10K feet

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I think its usually turned off after you exit a runway and the Taxi lights are turned on until you reach the gate. But they do not have taxi lights .

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I always have the most problems with the landing lights! ether I forget to turn them on or forget to turn them off and only realize after I landed.

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We have to turn it back on because when you turn off the engines, the plane shuts down if it doesn’t receive power. In IF it’s not a big deal, but IRL planes aren’t turned off between flights, and if it shuts down, all the info inserted into the FMC is lost

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Forgetting to turn on Strobe and Landing lights.


Ik what the APU does hut like yall dont just leave right after u reach the gate🥲

Forgetting to turn on APU and landing lights when I descend

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Ig we all have issues w the APU

Definitely seatbelts on before 10,000 ft. I made sure APU became muscle memory after starting engine 2.