Bad graphics

After i updatet my game have I had such a bad graphics on the airplane
I have read about so others but the have just forgot to set graphics to high but i dont have the settings to sett it on high.
Can anywon hjelp me? Sry for bad English

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Hey @EirikMoen,

Firstly welcome to the community ! Have you tried turning ,“Anti-Aliasing” off and even turning down the graphics ?

What device are you on as this might be a issue of a old device not able to keep up with the graphics ;)

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  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Don’t press on fly
  3. Go to settings > Graphics

Yes doing what @Daniel_K said will fix it and Welcome to the Community It’s great to have you here!

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It worked, thanks

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Don’t forget to solve your post. P.S it worked isn’t the solution


lol, i’m pretty sure you’re supposed to mark the actual solution as the “solution”, not your reply to it. xD

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