Bad frame rate after update?

Hey everyone,

After updating last night on my iPad mini 4 I noticed a slight drop in frame rate, I have settings on high for rendering with no limit frame rate and antialiasing turned on but I would assume since it’s a fairly new model it would be able to run pretty smoothly. I tried resetting and also reinstalled the app but to no avail. Also in the device forum here it says the settings I have should work fine. Is anyone else having frame rate issues after this update? And if so what can I do to fix this? Thanks

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I have the same issue here, I’ve been using highest graphic all the time until after this update the FPS drops so much… my iPad used to handle a lot of traffics…
but now it’s so laggy even only few aircrafts around…

Using iPad 5th generation
system: iOS 13

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I’ve noticed my frames have dropped quite dramatically also… I think there might be a fix to this, surely it wouldn’t be because of the Cub but I think it has to do with the model matching.

the thing is we haven’t heard any news from developers, not sure whether they are investigating or not :/

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I also experience the same issue, but sometimes it doesn’t have that issue

My frames have drastically improved. Weird. I was going to make a post last night thanking the DeVs for going back to the old way actually.

Tip: Try turning the rendering resolution down a notch. That should help a lot.

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Most of the time on legacy devices you can fix the FPS issue by lowering the resolution setting.

As the demand for more advanced graphics related features increase, some older devices that used to be able to run on all high may need to be adjusted to accommodate new features.

I was running the highest graphics on my iPad 5th gen before the update and had no issue with it lagging. After the update I set my graphics back to what they used to be and I am experiencing quite a bit of lagging.


Before the update there wasn’t working cockpits, they also added several other advanced features that were not on the previous update. That’s the point I see him making.

Also in my experiance the servers lag a bit a few days after an update, perhaps because there are so many more people on them trying out the new features.

Same. From what I have heard. This seems to be an iPad issue.

just add a new aircraft shouldn’t effect that much?
as the update didn’t include like heavy tasks such as clouds or 3D buildings…

A lot of other things have been done on the deep end of things as well to prepare for new features. The sum of it all is that if you don’t have the most recent top device, don’t expect to be able to run everything on highest possible settings.


I have one of the newest iPads. Still runs pretty bad… This is not an old device problem.


Yeah, I have an iPad 6 I believe and it still shows up as slightly laggy although I have everything set to High. I believe they removed the “Ludicrous” option from the graphics but I don’t know any more than that 😬

New doesn’t always mean the best in terms of performance.

Thank you…
I believe this is the app itself problem at least more than 50%


You’re missing my point with what i said.

A new device, does not automatically mean it’s high performance. It’s not a problem with the app :)

I get that in the long run but this seems quite extreme. Who’s to say the next update won’t make it even worse? I bought this iPad last year mostly to play infinite flight on a bigger screen that can handle the graphics. If the newest iPads can’t run the app without lagging and bad frame rate then I don’t know what we are supposed to do.


You should be able to run the app without any issues, but perhaps not with the highest graphics settings possible. I’ve been running this version on my iPad Pro 9,7" 2016 without any issues at all whatsoever. Some graphics adjustments are needed, at times yes. But it generally works well.

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Just out of curiosity @schyllberg. What could it be in the update thats causing this performance decrease?