Bad FPS on high-end device


I recently re-bought my subscription and I have been having app-performance issues. According to the device compatibility thread (courtesy of Kirito_77 and Z_tube), I should be able to hit maximum settings with optimal performance.

iPhone 12 Pro Recommended Settings (thanks Z_tube):

My app settings:

I’m appreciative of any help that can be provided:)



Hi Alec, these settings are going to vary slightly by individual devices, and should only be used as an approximate guide…

When you say you’re having low fps, is the app stuttering? Are you seeing a fps drop, if so how low does it drop?

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It will stay at around 50-60 FPS for about five minutes but then drop to about 15 or maybe less. I tried flying the CRJ today but instead of 5 minutes it was almost instant FPS issues.


I can see seb is replying, but are you using a case or wrap on your device? Does it get noticeably hot under use?

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This topic might bring you some clarity:


The device is capable, but heats up rather quickly depending on various factors. Cockpit views will cause the most drops.

My personal recommendation is to stick with 30FPS if you wish to run on the highest settings.

(I have the same device as you)


I had that thought as well, however I have tried with and without the case on with the same performance.

I’d refer to Sebs post above, he is far more knowledgeable ;)

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Are there any other settings with minimal quality sacrifice that could allow me to keep it at 60 FPS? 30 FPS seems a bit jittery for me at least.

Gotta say, the 12 Pro heats up quite a lot for no obvious reason afaik. Jason didn’t experience quite the same on his “regular” iPhone 12 and the 11 Pro doesn’t seem to behave in that way either.

We have it in our scopes but can’t say much about it as it right now.

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Another random thought, could the API Connect function be causing lag? I have not tried a flight without IF Ops yet.

Texture Quality & Rendering Resolution generally has the most performance impact (excluding Anti Aliasing). I would try testing a few different combinations to find something you feel works.

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It can have an effect as it’s yet another app for the CPU to work with. Shouldn’t be by that much though.

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I’ll work around with it and post again when I figure it out :)

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Set it to “Medium” and that seems to resolve it a bit. Haven’t tried a live flight, only solo but I think it should be good now 👍

Thanks @schyllberg and @Kirito_77!


Decided to do a flight from Maui to HNL with the Southwest 737-800 to test it out.

Long story short, didn’t work.

Same thing happened. Worked flawlessly for the first 5 minutes but then dropped to horrendous FPS. I took a screen recording to show you, but I’m not sure how to share it. Does a google drive link work?

I also tried turning everything to Medium. Still laggy, but maybe a 5-7 FPS increase. Also videoed this.

I think that the issue might be in the 60 FPS setting, which you talked about above. It says in the disclaimer that it will throttle your performance if the device gets too hot, is that what it’s doing?

Oh yeah, and the case was off.


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Here is the video: RPReplay_Final1626481476.mp4 - Google Drive

Very upset about this. I can run plenty of other sims on my phone with full graphics and 60 FPS (not to mention my phone barely gets warm), but can’t get much more than 25 FPS on medium settings here.

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This time tried in an A320, same issue.

Frames per second can be seen in the top left.

Is this an app specific issue?

I had the exact same issue with my iPhone 8, that’s unfortunate that you’re experiencing it with the latest iPhone. My phone would act exactly as you described, it would start off well, then slowly get worse. Then it would jump up for maybe about 2 minutes then drop back down. The FPS was never consistent, and would fluctuate to lower framerates a lot after a few minutes. It nearly be unplayable without any fixes to maintain FPS.

Here are some mediocre fixes I used to maintain a steady FPS once you turn in auto pilot.

First and foremost, don’t use live cockpit mode. I’ve found iPhones don’t handle it well unfortunately. Then before a flight, restart device and close all background apps.

Once in flight with Auto Pilot activated:
you mute the sounds
turn down brightness
turn on low power mode both in infinite flight and IOS
turn off anti-aliasing
set all graphics to medium or low
set FPS cap at 30.
take device out of case and prop somewhere cool.

The point of this was to keep the phone from working hard and keep it as cool as possible so by the time approach came, you could bump everything back up and have a smooth approach with nice scenery.

  • just some food for though:
    I ended getting and iPad shortly after this started happening with my iPhone 8, so I haven’t tested these methods out recently so I don’t know how well they work.

Same thing happens with my iPhone XS at 60fps but now I just put it on 30fps