Bad Experience With An Airline?

Have you ever had a bad experience with an airline? i haven’t had a bad experience, but my friend and his GF did.

Here’s the Story…
so is girlfriend and him were travelling to Mexico on Alaska Air. his GF unfortunately has epilepsy, and had a seizure halfway to Mexico. now Alaska Air being a big airline, you would think they would help. NO! they did absolutely nothing, except give my friend a free drink. this old lady in a walker had to help, because the crew said they were too busy.

After a somewhat decent trip in mexico (both got bitten by a snake) they headed back home (Canada) via LAX. they had to pick there bags up in LAX, and it was raining. their bags show up open, soaking wet, and half there stuff gone. so they went to the Alaska Air counter, and showed the lady the bags. she said “we cant do anything, as this is not our fault. its the TSA’s, or the baggage handlers fault.”

So after they got home, they wrote an email to Alaska Air, with this story. they were refunded, and given to flight vouchers for anywhere Alaska Air flies. the crew were also fired i believe, because his GF could have died.

This is why we will never fly Alaska Air again.



I think they deserve a second chance. I mean, one bad experience? My mom cooked me food once that made me really sick, yet is till eat her food! It’s one time. I think trying them again isn’t a bad idea, especially if you were refunded, given free tickets, and the crew at fault was fired.


i mean, if the old lady didn’t help, she would have been dead, and we would have sued Alaska Air group.


Still, give Alaska a second chance. The crew was fired and punished for their wrong doing. That could have happened at any airline, and Alaska Air was the unlucky airline. Give them a second chance. I understand she almost died, but, again, that could have happened at any airline. It was one bad crew, that’s like getting a bad piece of meat that makes you extremely sick. Do you never go back?


true. thanks. we will try again for mexico this year. we are flying WestJet.

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i wouldn’t either with that experience!

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West jet is far worse.

They have one of the worst cabins out their

EXCUSE ME! Westjet is way better. the crew is way nicer that Air Canada. At least they aren’t disgraceful with blue seats!

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I don’t care about the crew, I can go 18 hours without talking to the crew for any service

West jets seats are pretty terrible and the cabins are ugly

You are blaming the airline about the weather? Hmmmm…

Was the security guard employed by the airport or the airline?

Well, that’s one bad experience.[quote=“Daz15, post:6, topic:50450”]
Turkish Airlines get a lot of complaints about staff being ignorant and unhelpful,

Did you complain and were you unhappy with their service or do reviews just say that?


I had a bad experience with TigerAir Australia
3 hour flight the toilet was broken and the pilot practically slammed the plane into the ground. But I did make a pun to the flight attendants this is what I said

did we land or were we shot down???


I don’t understand the pun. Sorry ☹️

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Well I had many bad experiences with Air Panama, the staff in Albrook airport once yelled to an old lady (poor lady). The crew gave me a sandwich with expired bread, a flight was delayed because of a mechanical problem with one of the engines, etc. Oh and once American Airlines didn’t boarded my bag in a flight from MIA to PTY.

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How did you know the bread was expired??? Just curious.

Tasted horrible☹️ Then the crew searched in the bag and said it expired 1 week ago.

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Could have just been a different type of bread. But that seemed like a pretty bad experience.

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They should have sued the airline for that and gotten a million pay out that is unacceptable

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You aren’t going to believe this, it’s crazy, I know, but one time i got a drink. Without the tiny umbrella. Can you believe it. Completely unacceptable!

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My family had a bad experience w/ Avianca but nothing big. Two of the bags that were supposed to be sent to Managua, Nicaragua along with us didn’t come, but the employees were very helpful and told us that they would call when the bags get to Nicaragua. Most of my family was awake at 12:00am and my mom gets a call from Avianca saying that the bags were ready and that they were being sent to my aunt’s house in Managua. Very nice of them, to say the least.

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