Bad control at Maui. (Kahului)

Runway 02 is closed and the controller was telling me to go to 02. Runway 20 was a crosswind. The controller was warning me of ghosting because of this. I never started taxi and ended my flight. My weather on IF is always the first to update according to everyone I talk to… So I need to see why this is happening. Thanks, Clayton.


Just because the rwy is red doesn’t mean it is closed. I flew in a little bit ago in my f22 without any issue. This was in advanced server and the rwy was red. There is no problem with this.

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The wind at this time is 130 @6kts not enough to close a runway indeed it probably was red in IF but as @AR_AR said that doesn’t mean closed

@Brandon_Sandstrom I see your point, but either way that runway was a tailwind. I was United 8 23 in Denver earlier as well. The approach frequency was vectoring me to Aspen when I wanted to go to Montrose as well. Either way, thank you for your words.

How strong was the tailwind? If it was only a few kts then there isn’t an issue. Right now there isn’t a way for the pilot to tell the controller that their plane is too light for stronger tailwinds, but it’s ultimately up to the controller to decide which runways are in use.

This is a Controller PM issue first and foremost. The wind speed argument is specious, Wind effect on an airframe is the deciding factor. To use generalities is a giveme. The fix; IF Red Runways are always Closed runways! ATC do the work, Ground Stop, reverse the flow! Max Sends

But they’re not always closed runways. Some airports have procedures that prohibit takeoff or landing on one end of a runway no matter what the conditions are. Usually it’s because of terrain.


Another specious responce that avoids the issue. Reverse the flow.
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No, you’re trying to come up with a solution that just isn’t realistic. Red runways are not closed runways.


@Swang007@Brandon_Sandstrom@AR_AR@Aernout@John_Preston21 EtAl… Ok Shawn let digress, Red Runways where a FDS innovation! Pre-Live the main topic and the major concern was Fledglings landing with a tail wind & two way traffic. The solution was to use color coded runways so the head wind runway was ezly identified remember! So wanna solve the Red Rway Dilemma remove the color codes now that live ATC services are available on both the Playground and Advanced. Allow ATC to identify the active no matter the wind conditions. There goes the specious arguments about winds and the continuing bickering over how much wind change is enough! EzPez, get rid of the Color code, wind conditions are noted in the field data block etc. Let ATC make the call no sweat!. What say you all. Max Sendsj

( intentional did not use the terms Up/Down Wind wanted to KISS it)


You did a great KISS, the color coding works well but people have to realize that red doesn’t mean it’s not possible to use. Might be confusing to be honest yes.

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We have ATC Service now, we don’t need FDS innovation. No matter where you go in the world “Red” means Danger or Stop! As far as I’m concerned your suggesting reverse logic, we trying to teach new tricks not re-reshape linear thought & learning progression. Delete color coding, stroke of the pen or the programmers delete button. Just sayin. Regards All, Max

(FDS has grown up we now have fine ATC Service (where/when available) a Tutorial Library, the Forum the list goes on and on. Let’s put away the childish things)


Just a real life example,

When taxing to the runway and holding short we often see a red stop bar as a reminder to hold short. Sometimes ATC cleares us to line up and wait and they don’t switch off this red stop bar. After we tell them “hey tower boy the red stop bar is still on” the or switch it off or say “cross the red stop bar”.

In IF it works the same, just follow ATC instructions :)


Goo d example, innovation is the mother of invention. Another example every US aircraft & Helo Carrier has a standard traffic light facing aft on the Fly Bridge just outside PriFly. Like ATC the controllers always routinely fail to switch the light from red to green as the boat turns into the wind to recover aircraft. Confusion rains out on the LSO platform when the red light causes a missed approach for the recovering sortie leader. Saw fist fights in ready rooms over this oversight. Know the rules and fly by them… Max Sends

Same principle, you stop for a red light but if the police tells you to keep moving or to move… You do it :)

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The “Police”! Now that’s a notion we don’t want to introduce. We already have the “Lord’s of the Rings” the present mind set is bad enough. Let’s never forget the “Pilot in Command” is is the final decision maker! Mad Max Sends

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We need that in IF!

The way this topics going we gonna end up having traffic lights front of runway and zebra crossing to cross runway and freeway to unannounced take-off. And sometimes you get go around call after you landed becouse of Frequancy busy, in that case build roundabout too. Problem solved. ;)