Bad Community

I know this will get taken down because the revs can’t handle well critism

Don’t get me wrong, theirs a lot of people that are actually useful moderators like @Carson and @PlanesForLife but other than that this community is awful.

Every day people make fun of people spelling errors and crack jokes about it. Maybe that explains why the author who wrote the post never replied back to you. People shutdown post and bash you on how to search for a topic when you already know how…

And then theirs the awful ATC. The unofficial ATC people ARE BETTER than the ones who are the official ones. Examples, Charlie is on approach, and then good boy ATC decides to make Charlie switch runways and let Bravo on final when he’s barely lined up…

Also, what’s wrong with duplicates topics so what… Maybe people forgot about the old one and maybe changes went on the aircraft and they want to discuss about it… No one is gonna back to a 1 year old post about a plane just because some regular spams you with duplicates.

And then here comes the moderators. Most of them are terrible and spend time in the game practicing so instead of helping people on the forums. More of you should be like Carson and spend time on the forums helping instead of flying around. I don’t care if you pr flying for 10 minutes, in 10 minutes you could of answered 10 questions.

Money. Really now. Let’s take the a318 as a example, only 2-3 airline liveries and then other BS private liveries and your gonna charge 4.99$ for that? Even the a321 was free and it had more liveries. Wait no, let’s compare it to something on its size, the 737 BBJ IS free when you buy 20 items, it’s better then spending 4.99 on a BS plane…

Welcome to the community guys. 🤓


Oh my god. You think I’m a moderator! 😊😊😊😊😊😊. I’m so happy!


I think he is trying to say that he is tired of how you have to search, and get flagged just because you didn’t find the post.

You joined the community one day ago, I don’t see how you can come to a conclusion like this over 1 day…


I completely support what you’re saying. While I disagree slightly about the duplicates, I believe that the moderators could be more friendly about telling you it’s a duplicate. Trust me, people hate me too.


Yeah, I agree with you 1% but 99% is nonsense. Yes, the moderators had some bad times with me, but other than that, they are friendly people.

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Also I can assure you moderators are online (@MishaCamp doesn’t talk very frequently but he does get the job done)

And you’re saying that playground atc is better than advanced? Have you seen the chaos that goes on playground? lol


I hated this community the first time I was on but over time, I loved it and got addicted. The members are nice as ling as you use knowledge into what you want to say. ATC is a quick solution. Advanced. Carson is the grammar nazi but hes a great grammar nazi. Just stay on a bit longer and you’ll love it.


@Mark_Denton is on …

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Yes, me too. I was and when they suspended me because they think I was joking about a crash that killed 77 people. I was saying what could happen.

Also why would you make a callsign and display name like that? That really shouldn’t be used and can be super offensive to some or if you really feel like that then you should call this number and hey can help you


If you were using it while flying on advanced that would lead to a no questions asked 60 minute ban from advanced because we would take it as offensive


Suicide is not a joke.


Moderators are very nice 99.9% of the time. Yes, when they can get mean, but they are doing their job. I don’t know why you point out people. That is unnecessary.

Because he said in his post only Carson is online usually

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Not joking. This community shreds me to tears from some of the replies I see. Moderators don’t care about cyber bullying.

Well maybe you should search before you post something that way I wouldn’t have to tell you that it’s a duplicate :)

And I also don’t spam.


Mark Denton is here every day, making sure we are knowledgable to tutorials.

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“Joined 1 day ago”

So, you’ve been here one day… Well…


All he is saying, is that, he doesn’t like how people flag him.

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