I don’t know the players name but they are currently at PBI on the advances sever. They ghosted me after a temping to follow there instructions. The tower and ground are the same with conflicting instructions. Ground taxi to Runway 14 switch to Tower. Tower no intersection departures and switch to ground and this just kept going till I tried to take off like on of the commands said and was ghosted.

Screenshot? Was the ground controller continuously trying to get you to taxi to full length?

If there are no intersection departures allowed, then taxi to where everyone else is (beginning of the runway) and then contact tower.

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My phone didn’t accept the screenshot but he might have been I was one off only a few feet away.

I was told to go to the intersecting runway

So were you at the middle of the runway?

No it was only a few feet from the end

You can’t be told that. If I’m correct, there is no command. He might of told you to hold short of the runway. Read my post above.

Try to provide us this information to better assist you.


Okay, so then go where the other planes were. He most likely want you to wait in line. Technically, it’s cutting.

What I don’t get what you were saying he never told me to hold short.

Then taxi to the end, then it is clear and avoidable.

Once you entered the runway it was a sure ghost…