Bad atc yesterday and today

Has anyone realized that today and yesterday ATC people are so bad? Because yesterday in new York atc said you were not cleared to go on the runway I was not even close to the runway. Today they said we are not allowing anymore to land in Denver. And the ATC said to me that follow my instructions will be reported you didn’t give me instruction like come on really do better. I am talking about Denver approach.

Hey @Carson_Reed!

The IFATC team have worked hard to get to where they were, and they probably have a good reason for giving these instructions. I would recommend checking out the User Guide for more information on this.

If you have questions regarding a controller’s controlling, don’t hesitate to PM them afterwards with your questions and/or concerns. You can find the active controller on, and their IFC can be found on Do you happen to know the timestamps in Zulu time of the aforementioned incidents in your posts? I can try to put you in touch with the controllers so you can hear their side of the story, if you’d like.


If the airport’s full, the airport’s full.



Please calm down.

If the ATC is not appropriate which it doesn’t sound like because it is 100% valid for them to reject approaches ect. Contact the controller if your concerned dont make a topic blasting them for them doing there job!

If you dont think this is valid PM me and do not continue to have this conversation on this thread. Please go on youtube and watch the atc tutorials ect and you will understand the reasons they do things.

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Blake | IFATC in Training Manager


You generally get that message from an approach controller if you take off from an airport not accepting pattern work and then try to request approach.

The other scenario is when you take of from a local airport and request approach.

In either scenario, you may get denied entry.

As everyone else will say, contact the controller as that’s the only person who actually knows why you were denied.

I’m not talking about I’m mad that they say I will be reported if doing nothing

The best way to resolve these issues is to contact the controller directly. Often times things become clear after seeing both sides of the situation, and I think you’ll find talking to the controllers more productive than looking for anecdotal stories of bad service from other pilots.

Feel free to reach out if you need help finding the controllers you need.