Bad atc with alot of traffic

Why is there a bad atc in klax los angele airport and there is alot of traffic do infinite flight test them or no?

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Hey, Mohamed!

Since KLAX is not featured on the Expert Server today, I reckon you are talking about the Training Server.

If that’s the case, unfortunately, not much can be done. The Training Server is just what it sounds like - a training server. This is where both pilots and ATC can learn and brush up on skills and techniques before moving to the Expert Server. Being Grade 2 is the only requirement, with no training required for ATC (IFATC is trained and available on the Expert Server).

As a result, I encourage you to reach Grade 3 (if you haven’t already) to gain access to the Expert Server. You’ll have a much better experience!

Have a good one!


Basically what @Z-Tube said. LAX was not featured in todays Expert Server schedule. So it is most likely to be on Training.

We cannot do anything for bad ATC services on Training because, well anyone can access training, and the word “training” is there for a reason. For people to learn how to fly good and control better.


Yep, the Training Server is open to all players to train as ATC just as it is for pilots, it happens.
As a player that plays ATC more than I fly I can promise you, it goes both ways 😂.
There are times that I just decide to end my session because none of the pilots at KLAX can seem to get things right.

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Iam good at the game the problem is in landing i have 33 landing and you have to have 100 landing and ihave 8hours left

Thanks i though traning word was only for players not for ATC

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No worries! insert the rest of 10 words here

😂😂Thats what happend to me today

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If that’s where you stand, I suggest heading to the Casual Server and flying around KEDW in the XCub (or other General Aviation aircraft) while performing some touch and goes. This is an easy way to fulfill the landing requirements!

The touch and go requirements are as follows:

  • At least 30 seconds in between each landing.
  • Touchdown on the runway (not the blast-pad or threshold).
  • Stable connection to the servers.
  • The main gear must make contact with the runway.

Keep in mind that the landings are on a 90 day rolling period. You must keep up with them to maintain their respective grade levels.

Good luck!

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