Bad ATC service @NZCH

Hello IFC, I only want to report a bad ATC service at NZCH (Christchurch International)

Server: EXPERT
Time: 16:09 ZULU
Air Traffic Controller: IFATC AsternDestroyer @AsternAviation

I’d like some clear explanations please 🙏

I was instructed correctly to taxi to the gate and then this happened… (the ATC didn’t said hold position to me or the guy in the 787) Soon after, I was taxiing to my gate and then a 777 pushed back in front of me!

I’m perfectly aware of how is difficult is being an ATC, but in this case, there weren’t many aircraft.

Hey, please send a DM to @AsternAviation. He’ll explain you what happened.

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Instead of making a topic, why don’t you PM @AsternAviation and sort it out there?


I didn’t found the IFC name

Controller will reach out to you.