Bad atc on advanced server

If you’ve been cleared to land you do not have to report your position anymore

I see thanks for that:)
You know normally operator says roger.,but now I got it.

I’ve been having some interesting experiences recently on the Advanced Server. I know the controllers are human and make mistakes, but going by these forums we (pilots) don’t seem to have a right to question them because of their rigorous examination process. Regardless, they do make mistakes, they’re not infallible, and it can be frustrating for pilots just as I’m sure it can be for them. Perhaps there needs to be a better procedure in place for pilots and ATC to offer constructive feedback or ask for explanations of actions so we can all learn and communicate maturely.

E.g. what if when ATC is active on the Advanced Server, it linked to a specific forum thread they owned (and remained active for x-amount of time after they stopped controlling) where pilots could interact outside of the built-in commands in IF?

Well if you have anything to talk to the atc about you can always see if they have a forum account and pm them. Usually the advanced atc do have a forum account and are active but playground atc are a whole other story.

Yeah it would probably be better if there was a moderated place to have discussions too though. Just a suggestion anyway. I’m not bothered about Playground :)

As an ATC recruiter, and Senior Controller, this is a common technique used to ensure traffic flows properly. I understand that it sounds a little “dumb” to be sending you in the opposite direction, but it’s common practice. Just make sure you follow their instructions. I can assure you that we test the Advanced Server ATC and they are top notch! Enjoy your flying!

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Your complaint does seem a bit childish but I see why you may be upset. Even the Expert server controllers can be incompetent when it comes to common sense when controlling. I’m ATC in training IRL and the procedures they implement are just wrong sometimes. If only pilots could tell off controllers like controllers could tell off pilots based on their grade. ATC is not infallible

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