Bad atc on advanced server

I was just trying out a new region on the advanced server and my approach atc kept on telling me to make a left 100 and left one hundered send me in the opposite directioj of the airport im going to. I guess im going to stick to Socalimage

Doesn’t matter if it’s the opposite way to the airport, you do as he says. He may have been putting you in a hold and so on. He is a great ATC so this ‘complaint’ is pointless


Were you in the pattern altitude or final was too busy?

Usually sometimes ATC Controllers put you the opposite way so the traffic can clear up and put you in there but if not I guess he/she just forgot about you that’s all.

I see lots of “Unable” in your msg. What’s the reason behind it?

I don’t see the issue?

Had the same problem just now same airport was ghosted because I didn’t turn heading 100 which would of lead me off the map.

You can go off the map. Off the map isn’t always out of the region. I’ve seen the region extend farther than the map itself does. Plus there’s nothing wrong with getting temporarily vectored out of the map. The controller is just trying to get you from A to B without crashing into anything or anyone.

Until you end your flight

It can be right now or after you land. But if you continue to act like a nimrod after respawning it should be a 10min/60min depends on how bad you do

Ever hear of Traffic ? Very busy and a lot of inbound aircraft ?
It’s called a HOLDING PATTERN !


Have some patience. The airport is busy of course you expect holding patterns. You ever saw a plane land at Heathrow without entering one of the 4 “stacks” first? NO, SO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!


I don’t see an issue. Controllers always have the bigger picture than the pilot does, so it’s as simple as following their instructions. This could have been done for a ton of reasons - your arrival timing that would have otherwise caused a conflict, potential traffic ahead, you being too high for your approach - I don’t see anything “bad”, other than unnecessary workload for the controller

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In places such as Tampa and other near the edge airports, the region is extended to help with apporaches so it’s fine if you are directed off it

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Personally, I think that you’re just kind of stretching the situation a little too much. There’s plenty of reasons for that.

First off, if you noticed the airspace around TNCM as of the last few hours, traffic was swamped incredibly heavily. I saw at least 10 inbounds coming in and 15 on the ground for takeoff. Due to the back-taxi, TNCM is not very good for accommodating pattern work (especially if you change your mind to a full stop) especially during busy times.

Also… Er, what do you mean by ATC telling you to hold short? Are you referring to not being told to hold short? You won’t be told to hold short until you’re in line and tuned.


I am the ATC at TNCM.

  1. I broadcasted no pattern and yet you still request remaining in the pattern. Hence I had to tell you no pattern accepted again.

  2. I announced tower is closed, had to go because you know, real life stuff.

  3. You were already holding off, so it’s kind of pointless to tell you to hold short. Just waiting for the correct takeoff request from you so I can clear you.

  4. Rude? Thank you, good day!



Ohh I might got other one from Advanced ATC. Isn’t it controller should be send roger if they receive final landing call?

Well, if the plane has already been cleared for landing/option, then I would generally consider “roger” as okay, since there isn’t anything left for the controller to say. Roger should only be used if there isn’t anything else to add, such as sequencing and so forth.

Yeah I guess so but controller just sent me “you are already cleared to land avoid unnecessary reports” isn’t it strange? Than finally I’ve gone around twice and diverted to another airport.