Bad ATC Approach

Hi I would like to say that the ATC was really not nice at JFK. I was on final rwy 31L and the controller say to me “Execute misses approach” but all was correct and I didn’t call missed approach. I execute all procedures and they say to me “follow instructions or you will be ghosted” really not Fun for a 8h flight😞. I would say to all controller that are doing approach, please let us land ! So after I just quit the game because the controller was weird. The controller was @RoyalJordanian

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The controller is @RoyalJordanian

Yes… 😒 he is

PM him. He’ll be happy to tell you of any issue. He is a trained professional.

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I know, and btw he didn’t Ghost me.

I recommend reading this, I doubt he wanted to ghost you.

If you know then why did you decide to publicly shame him?


As a pilot you may not understand why you are given certain instructions. It’s always best to follow them, as the controller will have his reasons for doing so, then PM him about it afterwards. Im sure there was a very good reason for that command to be sent.

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I’ll just add that publicly bashing someone over the forum is not very good for you, @RoyalJordanian, or us.


RoyalJordanian is a very good controller, if he sent you a execute missed approach instruction, even if you follow all instructions, it must have a reason, sometimes it comes from others, not you!


But I look and then there was not plane behind and in front of me

Ok I’m gonna delete the thread an pm him

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Please, for your own good do not publicly bash people. If you have any complaints about a controller please PM them instead.

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No worries, just be civilised and don’t be rude.

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I think is the best thing !

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I’m trying but it’s just frustrating…😔

Yeah but how do i explicate that to the mod ?

This thread should be deleted rn before people start saying the same thing theirs a lot of replies I think he knows what to do now

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