Bad ATC (again...)

ATC controller in Amsterdam schipol messing me around. Then I contacted tower and someone reported me. ATC controllers in the advanced server SHOULD NOT be doing this


Yes a bit strange

This is a problem Matt is currently looking into. Can you give me some more info please.

-What type of aircraft were you in?
-What platform are you using (Android or iOS)?
-What version? Have you updated?


Did you get the name of the person controlling? If they’re Advanced you should be able to PM them through the forum. It does look you said you’d requested for 18R and then 18C so it’s possible he/she was just making sure you knew where you were going! They have also initially asked you to enter right downwind for Runway 18R, or was that someone on Approach?

Something with Donald

Ryanair 737-800 on iPad (IOS)
Version 15.08.3

All correct, but the issue lies with the controller asking intentions, the pilot responding several times, only to have the controller ask intentions again. The controller wasn’t recieving the calls from the pilot.

I thought that at first but it’s the fact he reported me that made me think he was heading around

It’s hit or miss. Send enough, eventually one will go through.

Ok thank you

Wow! what an annoying ATC! However, you aren’t supposed to use the “with you” statement to announce your presence on a frequency. But the ATC is more at fault than you

I know your not meant to but I did s go around and in the first time I joined his ATC he just ignored me so I wanted to make sure he noticed me haha

18C or 18R… Interesting Comm sequence! Now I ask you if you where in the ATC chair what would you do. Me I’d send him down range cause I’d have better things to do then unscramble the garbal! Max Sends

Welcome to infinite flight live! I hope you enjoyed your stay.

FYI, Matt updated the server today to fix the communication error effecting some iOS devices. While this will help ATC hear your call outs, it won’t fix the incorrect procedures 😉. Please check help pages for assistance using ATC instructions 👍😜