Bad at maths and not doing physics but wanting to become a pilot

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I am currently in 11th grade in Australia and after school im planning on training to become a pilot, and im not doing any physics but i AM doing Geography and Biology, but I am not that good at maths and I am just doing the lowest one (essential) and i know there are some student pilots on the IFC that might know about what levels of math you have to do. I have always been worried that i have bad math skills and i wont be able to become a pilot :(



Based on what I have heard, math isn’t as important as many think. As someone who suffers from dyscalculia, I understand where you are at. Based on what I’ve heard you only need basic arithmetic for the most part. There may be times you have to do more but we have calculators and Siri. Don’t let this slow you down!


If @jasonrosewell got his license, you should be fine. E6B will be your friend.


You can use a calculator and the math isn’t that hard. But some of the math will be useful if you memorized

Can’t speak of other countries but in the US that’s a non issue. Being good at mental math (adding/sub) is a huge plus. Speed vs time vs distance/ climb/decent rate needed to meet set altitude.

Never had to calc or physics equations. :)

As long as you are willing to study and work hard, you will pass everything with flying colors.

All the best


Been flying for a while now and while math is definitely a part of becoming a pilot, the math is not as difficult as you think. Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is the most that I have done.

You will need to be able to think critically at times, but you don’t need to have the math skills of an astrophysicist to become a pilot. If this is where your passion is, stick with it! It will be worth it in the end.


So much this!! Got me through it all!


So true! I was never perfect at math, but when applied to something I enjoyed, like aviation or sports, it comes so much easier!


Hey mate! Here from Australia too and in year 12. Honestly, it all depends on what pathway you want to take. If it’s to uni, then it may be an issue that you’re doing Maths A (essential), but you’ll have to check the courses.
However, you can easily apply at a flight school and complete your 3 licences RPL, PPL and CPL without doing Maths B/C. You can even start now with your RPL, like I have!


When I was in 11th grade and lower I wish I had not told myself that I wasn’t good at math so much. Don’t limit yourself. You aren’t good YET! Put some effort into it and you could be a guy who is good at math!

A lot in aviation is application based which is the best way to learn something new imho.

If I just had to read ANY of the FAA published books (besides it making me sleepy)and just know everything, I think someone like me would struggle in a lot of the concepts.



He’s right though.


If you know basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you’ll be fine. Some basic algebra skills might also be applied but nothing more. As for physics, you’ll learn about aerodynamics and how the plane flies and such. It’s not rocket science so as long as you come ready to learn and study when needed, you’ll be fine

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You’ll be fine! You don’t need any advanced maths or physics to learn to fly. And most of what you need, you’ll learn during ground school, with the relevant context.

As long as you don’t come to India, where 12th grade (high school) maths and physics is compulsory to be a pilot, even if you’re a fully qualified commercial pilot in another country and you need to convert your license…sigh.

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Well im moving down to the lowest maths :( But it seems really easy, so i will work hard in the lowest maths and get good grades!

what maths are you doing?

I do Methods (B)

I am in General maths at the moment

Yeah, so like I said above, you can enrol in a flight school and do your 3 licences without worrying about your grades/subject choices in school.
It’s just I’d you want to do a uni aviation course, then there might be some issues

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General maths typically isn’t a problem at all! I personally am planning on attending a Uni to follow the same path as you. I’ve been in Standard Math classes for pretty much all my school career, I’m flying solo in a small light sport - soon to get my RPL! You learn all Maths related stuff in theory classes at a flight school.

Most universities don’t have prerequisites anymore (though a subject like Physics may be strongly recommended). So not doing physics wouldn’t really be an issue to a Uni - nor would being in Standard Maths classes. However, it may mean you’re slightly less favoured by them.

If you put your mind to it and work super duper hard anything is possible.

Best of luck,