Bad app crash

I was level in cruise not talking to any ATC when the screen just froze and all was left was the engine sound. All the buttons on my iPad were unresponsive and the app stayed frozen for like 2 min until it went black and went to the Lock Screen.

iPad pro 11inch
Version 20.03.03

Not sure if this is my iPad, or an IF issue.

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Same thing happen to me when flying from Boston to Paris

I’ve had this issue quite a few times with my iPad Air 3rd Generation, can’t really root it to a cause, but restarting IF and closing all background apps prior to starting the flight seem to prevent this issue for the most part.

Yeah didn’t think this would happen on an brand new iPad

We’re you on the hot fix?

Yes, this happened prior to the hotfix and after it, it’s been ongoing since last summer, I’d say.

Try to clear the scenery cache

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