Backyard Spotting (CYYC)

Hello Peoples!

During this nasty Coronavirus, I decided to do something that is unexpected for some spotters. But lucky for me, living almost under the approach path at CYYC, some spotting can take place during these really stupid pandemics.

I present to four planes, yes four, why? Because sometimes if I want five, ATC or the Pilots troll me and don’t go in my direction.

American Express ERJ coming from Dallas, inbound on 35R!

Cargojet 767 flying towards to it’s hiding place in the clouds!

FedEx posing for a nice cloud cover, I like this one!

United A319, flying in from Houston, pretty cloudy this time around!

Yeah, that is it! I wish I got the Westjet 787-9, but I like said, the people at YYC have to be trolls! So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this odd spotting location!


This is good stuff! I might just do the same as I am on the flight path for BUR and some private planes heading to LAX and VNY.

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That is pretty cool! It’s a great idea to spot out in the backyard, as it’s more safer during these current situations!

Stay safe!

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