Backyard Planespotting 2.0

Here are some pictures I got from me plane spotting in my backyard yesterday night, the clouds went away and of course, came back It’s been cloudy for weeks straight so I haven’t gotten to see many planes. But here are some I finally saw in awhile.

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Which one did you like the best? 😁

Equipment details: Canon EOS Rebel T6/75-300mm lens


Awesome shots!

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these are really good photos!

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May not be high quality but still amazing! especially the last one with the lights and its night.

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Dam. He really do be flexing his backyard. Lol.

Great shots tho.

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Lmao thanks

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Thank you 😄

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Thanks you it’s hard doing night photography

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Thats so awesome to be living near flight path! Great shots, thanks for sharing😀

Nice photos! Love the UPS MD11 shot 😍

I live under the flight path for eastern arrivals into London Stansted Airport in the UK, when Runway 04 is in use!
In the past over my back garden they’ve flown as low as 1,800ft or so!

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Thank you, it’s fun!

I love when they sometimes come 1,500 ft on sunny days above me, it happens every so rarely

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