Backtrack ATC Command

If an aircraft needs to backtrack, what ATC command you you use?

If it’s take off, you just clear them for takeoff

If it’s landing you say “Backtaxi Runway 22 and exit runway, contact ground in the taxiway”

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Where can you find the backtaxi command? @tunamkol

Not able to find it, but I’ll figure it out @tunamkol

There is also “Backtrack and line up”, which gives authority to enter the runway and backtrack but not to take off.

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The back taxi command can be found on Tower frequency. You can’t access the command as a Ground controller though

I am a tower controller. Is this only available on expert?

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Nope, it will be available on all servers

Oh! Well okay

Can you send any screenshots so I can help you find the commands? Like what you’re looking at etc.

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It’s okay @Kyle I don’t need it, it was just a wonder. I’ll find it. Thanks for the help! 😀

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No worries, Glad we could help!

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